OmiseGO continues uptrend

OmiseGO continues uptrend and looks overall like a success story after a moth of trading. The new Cryptocurrency has had its initial ICO July 16 2017. The price for one OmiseGO hit 0.001 Bitcoin $BTC on its first trading day but remained significantly under this value for the weeks to come. Momentum and volume kicked in at the end of July and on August 4 2017, $OMG rallied up and above 0.001 $BTC, the price it has hit on its first day of trading. Since then, the Ethereum-based financial technology has been in a constant uptrend. As of today, OmiseGO has reached an all-time high of 0.0024 Bitcoin $BTC. This is a significant increase in value since its ICO in July. The market capitalization stands currently at $826,730,388 with a circulating supply of 98,312,024 OMG. Giving it a value of $8.41 per one $OMG.

OmiseGo current market capitalization

OmiseGO chart analysis

Giving the current price action and trend, I believe there is more room for OmiseGo to run to new "all-time highs". The team behind the technology is very solid and they continue to surprise the markets positively. According to OmiseGo, the network will launch in Q4 2017. There is plenty of room in blue-sky territory until Q4 and I am certain, that OmiseGo will continue to release positive updates. In my opinion, OmiseGo is a must have Altcoin, going into the second half of 2017.

OmiseGo $OMG chart with trendlines