Civic Blockchain Identity Startup rocks the Cryptocurrency market

Civic the Blockchain Identity Startup is rocking the Cryptocurrency world since its massive gain in value. In August 2017 the secure identity platform has hit a high of 0.002 $BTC per one $CVC. Currently, the market capitalisation of Civic stands at $200'000'000. There are 340'000'00 $CVC coins in circulation, with a total available supply of 1'000'000'000 $CVC. In Dollars, one Civic coin is currently worth $0.60.

Civic – A secure identity platform

Civic – A secure identity platform

Civic’s secure identity platform collaborates with over 20 companies

Over 20 well-known internet platforms have agreed to collaborate with Civic's secure identity service. After a user has downloaded the Civic app and verified his Identity trough Civic, he can use his encrypted and securely stored data in the app to use the services of Civic’s business partners.

Civic's current partnerships

Civic's current partnerships

No more creating logins and updating information on hundreds of individual online platforms. With Civic, it can be possible to just create one account and use the data for many other independent platforms. I am looking forward to further partnership announcements!

ID theft protection

Civic addresses a problem that came along with the World Wide Web. People use online platforms where they are required to provide their personal information. Sites like Facebook or Google do very little to protect a user’s privacy. It is very easy for someone, to steal another person’s identity. With Civics identity theft protection, a user can always trough the power of his data stored in the blockchain verify his identity and proof identity fraud immediately.

Chart analysis

Civic’s chart has been in a bullish correction channel since the rise to 0.002 $BTC. The downwards pressure has been consistent for the past few days. The good news is, that the selling happens on relatively low volume compared buying volume. Keep watching for the 100-day moving average closing in on the 4-hour time frame. The price has been following this average in the past. Considering the available amount of 340’000’000 coins and the potential for much more partnerships. Civic seems at current levels very undervalued and has the potential to become one of the Top 10 coins by market capitalization. Happy trading!