Monaco Card - The Premium                 CryptoCurrency Debit Card

Monaco, the Switzerland based Start-Up company is on its the way to bring crypto currency debit cards to the masses. Through a partnership with VISA, Monaco Card holders will be able to fund their Monaco debit cards with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other ERC20 tokens. With the help of VISA, Monaco Card holders will be able to spend their crypto currencies in the real world without the need of a shop or service to specifically accept crypto currencies. Only the amount needed for the purchase will be converted from Crypto to FIAT currency and used for the purchase. The used exchanged rates will be provided by Interbank and no fees will be charged for the exchange of money. The only fee customers will pay, is a 1% software license fee on every purchase, which is acceptable. Not only are the fees very low, the user also gets credited with cash-backs in $MCO tokens for his spending. Find out more in the video bellow. 

Monaco debit card design

Monaco debit card design

How does it work?

Watch the short explanation video below, to find out how the Monaco debit card works.

Monaco debit card and application explained. 

Chart Analysis

Monaco $MCO has hit a high of 0.0044 $BTC so far. The uptrend is still in tact with the price currently testing the upper Fibonacci retracement level at 0.0035 $BTC. The chart looks primed to retest the previous high of 0.0044 $BTC. Buying volume has been great so far and the corrections have happened on low selling volume. Mostly providing opportunities, to buy some $MCO token a bit lower. With the vision of the company, to become a premium provider for crypto currency debit cards, following the standards of Apple and PayPal and with VISA on board, Monaco seems like a steal at current levels. As soon the marketing from VISA has approved Monaco’s card design, there should be a VISA logo visible on the front of the Monaco card. By the information from Monaco’s CEO Kris Marzalek, this should happen in the next weeks. When approved, I expect the $MCO price to at least double from current levels.

Currently $MCO has 9'813'786 tokens in circulation with a total supply of 31'587'682. Even if fully diluted, the supply of $MCO tokens is still very low. This has the benefit, that the price per token can go very high. In the words of an equity trader, $MCO is a low-floater with big upside potential! Currently the market capitalisation stands at $131'000'000 with a price of $13.30 per one $MCO. Any substantial news, can raise this price significantly higher.

I am very exited about further updates from Monaco and I like their approach for a "Apple" like standard. The vision of Monaco is very promising and the team behind it is able to realise it. Happy trading! 

Monaco $MCO chart