Quantum (QTUM) Breaks Out on Listing on Korean Coinone exchange

Quantum (QTUM) breaks out on news, that the Korean based exchange Coinone will list the QTUM token it on its exchange. The QTUM listing will be performed on August 28th alongside with the exclusive Airdrop Event for Coinone users.

Official announcement from Coinone

Official announcement from Coinone

What is Quantum (QTUM)? 

In short, Qtum is a decentralized application platform with proof-of-stake consensus, created to build decentralized business applications. Qtum takes the best of both worlds, namely Bitcoin and Ethereum and merges the reliability of Bitcoin’s unfailing blockchain with the endless possibilities provided by Ehtereum's smart contracts.

How much is Qtum worth?

Currently the market capitalization of Qtum stands at $795,733,000 with a value of $13.50 per token. There are 59,000,000 QTUM circulating in the market and a total supply of 100,000,000 QTUM is available. Trading of QTUM has begun on June 20 2017 wich makes it a still very fresh coin. Qtum is already under the top 20 of all available Cryptocurrencies and assets. It is ranking number two under the Cryptoassets segment. Concerning the high quality standards Qtum provides and its approach to create a new industry for business applications, the potential is big. A market capitalization of around 10 Billion, is a conservative target for this very exciting Start-Up. 

Keep watching for the 100-day moving average on the one-hour time frame, to provide support in the short term and get ready for an exciting month in September as the forming triangle, is likely to be broken upwards. Qtum should see in the next six months a new all-time high. Happy trading!

$QTUM chart analysis August 2017